Case Studies

The Interface Financial Group can assist any business in any industry that provides goods or services on credit terms - if you need working capital we can help you.

Contsruction Business


IFG Wellington recently worked with a construction business that in the past undertook work in the domestic market and as a result received payment as and when the work was completed. Cash flow had therefore never been a significant issue.

However to provide diversity and a greater level of continuity of work, they recently secured additional new contracts for building and maintenance of commercial properties. In terms of standard business practice they complete the work involved on the properties, issue their invoice and wait for payment from the companies involved.

While payment of the invoices is relatively assured, the delay in receiving payment was creating cash flow issues for the business.

Their Bank was not able to provide any further credit to the group so referred the business to IFG Wellington who worked with the business to establish the invoice discounting Facility.

As and when required, the business has subsequently been able to quickly turn some of their outstanding commercial invoices into the cash they need to manage and grow their business without adversely impacting on their new commercial business relationships.

Building Contractor

Cash Needed for Holiday Wages

In early January 2017 IFG Auckland was approached by a Building Contractor who is currently working on a residential housing development in South Auckland.

The Contractor was expecting payment for their pre-Christmas completed work to be received in the first week of January but was advised by the Developer that due to staff being away on holiday the payment would not be made until the second week of January. The Contractor was faced with a temporary cash shortfall and the prospect of not being able to pay staff wages during the holiday period.

Interface completed their due diligence and had in place an invoice discounting facility within 48 hours which enabled the Building Contractor to pay the all-important holiday wages to their staff.

Automotive Repair Business

South Auckland - Avg Monthly $40,000

A long standing Interface client that finds Interface more convenient than a bank overdraft!

Their largest customer is a significant trucking operator requiring up to 20 jobs each month to keep the fleet on the road.

Interface purchases all the invoices to this one customer only. "We just do not have to worry about our fortnightly payroll; we get David the invoices one day and the funds are in our account the following morning. The small fee involved is well worth it for the peace of mind alone."

Logging Contractor

Waverley, South Taranaki - Avg Monthly $36,000

A major wind storm opened up the opportunity for this client to triple their production. A huge number of trees were blown down and damaged late in April 2012. The owner needed them harvested very quickly.

The contractor was keen, but unable to fund the huge increase in wages and fuel to make this happen. However the opportunity was too good to turn away. The contractor's bank suggested Interface as a solution.

It fitted the business model ideally - helping an operator prosper through an over trading situation. Invoices were generated weekly, funded by Interface the following day and payments received 3 weeks later. Without this help the contractor just could not have taken this work on.

Agricultural Services

South Canterbury - Avg Monthly $60,000

Customer default causes downstream cashflow stress!

A significant customer not paying for work done placed this particular business in real difficulty - all the expenses had been paid with no income offset.

There was more good work in the pipeline, but inadequate working capital to fund it.

Interface stepped in to fund the new work as soon as the invoices were delivered. This enabled materials and labour expenses to be paid on time and helped get the company back on its feet. This type of short term assistance is core Interface activity.

Drilling Contractor

Auckland - Avg Monthly $105,000

The new Ultra Fast Broadband project driven by Chorus has provided months of excellent ongoing work for sub contractors in that space.

This customer has excellent credentials and expertise, but is very under-funded. The customer of course is excellent. Payment is not a concern, only when! The contractor's bank was not happy to get involved due to several prior IRD defaults (now remedied).

They were referred to Interface by a fellow contractor (a previous client). As fortnightly work was done and claimed, Interface funded these claims to allow materials providers to be paid on time.


Greymouth/Christchurch - Avg Monthly $110,000

This West Coast business has moved into Christchurch to be part of the rebuild.

It very quickly became apparent that they lacked the working capital to fund their expenses until EQC payments started to flow. Their bank suggested Interface get involved and provided a temporary facility until the first invoice/claim was issued.

From that point Interface took over - cleared the bank and funded the ongoing work as it was completed.

It is expected this type of need will grow quickly over coming months as the Christchurch rebuild gets moving.

Accounting Practice

New Plymouth - Avg Monthly $18,000

This small firm suffers from the perception that all accountants are rich and consequently get paid last. They have bills to pay like any other business.

Where clients need extended credit terms they now add a finance charge and have Interface purchase those invoices. In this way the client needing the extended credit is effectively paying the IFG fee.

This is a neat way of making the Interface solution work at almost zero cost.

Industrial Equipment Importers

Wellington Region - Avg Monthly $55,000

This company has been importing a range of products and spare parts from Italy for several years.

Improved conditions flowing from the high Kiwi dollar have been offset by customers requiring longer payment terms - up to 60 days. This has made it very difficult to place overseas orders when required to meet customer demand.

Interface has helped by purchasing the invoices of two major customers to ensure the business can adapt to the new payment terms. "George Rota has been a huge help to us by taking the stress out of the situation, while still allowing us to remain competitive," explains MM the company owner.


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