How Does It Work

  1. You provide the goods or services to your customer - then issue an invoice.                                                                 
  2. You sell us this invoice - we pay you 90% of its value.        
  3. Your customer pays us the invoice on its due date - but you stay in control of the debtor communication.                 
  4. The cost of this service is from 4% of the invoice value. There are no establishment fees.                                       
  5. The entire process can take as little as 48 hours the first time. Repeat transactions can be completed on a same day basis.

How Does It Help Me?

  1. No waiting for your customer to pay.
  2. Your invoice is ‘paid’ when it is issued.
  3. This helps you to pay key suppliers, payroll etc on time.
  4. You also have the cash to buy more materials or inventory.
  5. Your stress is reduced – you can concentrate on the business without the cashflow worry 

Give Me An Example:

  1. You have a customer who has given you 2 months of work.
  2. Payment terms are 30 days, but this could become almost 60 days from the date you actually commence work.
  3. During this time you have to cover payroll, suppliers, equipment finance and other direct costs until the customer's money arrives.
  4. If your working capital resources are inadequate to cover this period you need help.
  5. Invoice discounting enables you to receive cash from your first invoice the day after you issue it – some 30-40 days earlier than would otherwise be the case.


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