Who Uses This Service

The Interface Financial Group can assist any business that is providing goods or services to another business on credit terms.

Common situations are:

...... 1. High Growth or Over Trading - if you are taking up a significant new contract or activity you will need to pay much of the expenses for this new work before the income starts to flow. Interface can help by purchasing your progress or monthly invoices to keep those supplier creditors current while you get this new work established. This could even include your increased wages cost. This is an excellent funding solution. As you grow the access to cash becomes proportionately greater.
  2. New Opportunities - the chance may arise to purchase new stock at very low prices or take advantage of a positive exchange rate movement. We could fund one or more of your current invoices quickly to generate the ready cash to take advantage of this opportunity. This would lock away increased margin from future sales.
  3. Restructuring - making necessary cost savings in your business takes time to show through to your profit line. While you wait for these savings to take effect you may need working capital assistance. Funding some current invoices quickly can give you the ready cash to keep your creditors paid on time.
      4. Unforseen Circumstances - a customer owing you money goes out of business! Suddenly your debtor receipts are adversely affected. Interface cannot assist with the delinquent customer, but we can assist with generating cash from other customer invoices which are not yet due.


Case Study: Industrial Equipment Importer

This company has been importing a range of products and spare parts from Italy for several years.

Improved conditions flowing from the high Kiwi dollar have been offset by customers requiring longer payment terms - up to 60 days. This has made it very difficult to place overseas orders when required to meet customer demand.

Interface has helped by purchasing the invoices of two major customers to ensure the business can adapt to the new payment terms. "George Rota has been a huge help to us by taking the stress out of the situation, while still allowing us to remain competitive," explains MM the company owner.


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