As millennials and gen z’ers are integrating thick and fast into working life in 2019, the need for cohesive relationships between colleagues of all ages is becoming a significant aspect to consider for businesses today. 

The younger generations seem to feel misunderstood and as a result often cop a lot of flak and criticism from older generations, particularly baby boomers, who tend to make up a large portion of management teams that are seen in businesses.

Research shows that millennials and gen z’ers feel they are collateral damage in a world plagued by social, political and economic disturbances but, for managers working with younger generations, perhaps taking the time and steps to understand the fresh faced members of your workplace, will help you bridge the gap between the various generations.

Business motives count for everything

Unlike what has been seen with workers from the older generations, the younger workforce won’t sit back and adhere to your business values and motives if they don’t align with their own.

No longer will employees settle into any old job they can get, the members of the millennial and gen z generations place high importance on working with a company who they feel value the same business practices, political and social views as them. The ‘Deloitte Global Millennial Survey’, which was a study conducted this year, showed that millennials and gen z’ers won’t hesitate to cut ties with an organisation if they feel the business doesn’t fit with their personal values.

Tip: Reflecting on the motives and ultimate mission of your business is a key step to bridging the generation gap in the workplace.

Experiences are a priority

The Deloitte study shows that 57% of millennials and gen z’ers value travel and experiences. Being supportive of your younger employees’ desire to travel and have a good work-life balance will be respected and appreciated by millennials and gen z’ers and will likely increase their enjoyment at your business and their level of productivity. While baby boomers and gen x’ers grew up in a workforce where loyalty and long hours were the expectation, understanding that this is no longer what is valued by the younger generations is important in business success and the relationship between colleagues of all ages.

Tip: Be prepared to be flexible when it comes to working hours and locations if you’re srious about bridging the generational gap.

They aren’t as fooled by technology as you may think

While it is a common viewpoint that technology has dominated the lives of young people and has changed many aspects of business, work ethic and productivity, research shows that the younger generations are in fact weary of the impacts of technology and how it is affecting different areas of life.

The study showed that 64% of millennials and gen z’ers said they knew it would be healthier for people if they reduced their time spent on devices, and 79% were skeptical of the dangers online including fraud and what happens to their personal data they provide.

Tip: Instead of stereotyping younger workers and thinking they’re too different or too swept up in technology, think again. They’re human too, and they may be more like you than you once thought. By realising this, you can make your business a better place.

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