Consultancy Services Business

Consultancy Services Business

A newly established Auckland based health consultancy services business secured an assignment in the Waikato that had contract payment terms of 20th of the month following invoice. The business approached Interface because it was experiencing cash flow problems due to the upfront establishment and travel and accommodation costs incurred on the project.

Interface met with the business owner, established an invoice facility and provided urgent funds for the business within 72 hours of receiving the request.

Client Feedback: “I’ll definitely recommend your services to some people I know. Stellar services!”


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Interface is NZ's leading alternative finance source for small and medium sized business. We have over 15 years' experience in NZ with our specialist invoice discounting (spot factoring) service and can turn your debtor invoices into immediate cash to pay your creditors on time. Why wait for your debtors to pay you in 30 to 45 days when you can have cash today?