While most of the population in the UK is vaccinated, Covid cases and fatalities are once again rising amidst calls for tighter restrictions. Could the UK be a window into a future where rolling lockdowns and other restrictions become the social norm, and, if so, do we hold out for normality or take action now?

Regardless of which side of the debate you are politically speaking – ‘living with Covid’ or ‘living with lockdown’ for the foreseeable future, it is largely out of your hands. While you may be prepared to live with Covid, many politicians and officials are not. The biggest mistake you can make is to try and wait it out. To expect things to get back to normal.

The best thing you can do now is “hope for the best but prepare for the worst”. 

Here are some steps that you can take to help you take back control of your life.

1. Detail two, three, four or even five worst-case scenarios

You may believe that the worst is a life of rolling lockdowns for the next few years or restrictive living and working conditions, e.g. face masks, regular testing and vaccination mandates. You may think the worst is economic devastation or large scale deaths (from Covid or diseases untreated due to Covid restrictions); even a generation of under-educated children who don’t turn up for Zoom classes. 

You may believe that the worst thing that can happen is freedom in a world that has to live with Covid-19. 

Write down everyone you can think of and rate them on a scale of one to 10 of “likely’ to ‘don’t be daft”.

2. Describe how each of those worst-case scenarios would impact you, your business, workplace, career, and family.

One worst-case scenario may involve changing the way you work. Another may be potential bankruptcy. The loss of a loved one or your own health issues that prevent you from working. 

List the consequences of each of these worst-case scenarios for you and your loved ones.

3. Develop the tactics you could take now to avoid each one of those worst-case scenarios.

It may sound terrible, but if business collapse is a distinct possibility, what can you do now to stop it from happening? Could you finance, sell the house, change the business model, shut the doors, get marketing? If there is a chance you will get sick, what can you do now that will make sure you and your family are best prepared for that eventuality? 

4. Brace for disaster

You have imagined a handful of worst-case scenarios and documented how they may impact you. You have developed steps that will help you mitigate the risks of each worst-case scenario, but what will you do if the worst comes to the worst?

If you have followed steps one through to three, you will be better prepared than most and more equipped to plan to act when the worst happens. If you do get sick and cannot work, what will you do to help get you and your family through? If your business does collapse, what will you do to carry on? 

What are the potential opportunities that may arise, and how can you make them happen?

Decide on what action you will take in the eventuality of each one of the worst-case scenarios. What can you put in place now to help your plan succeed?

In spy movies, the spy always has a box with money, passports, guns and other collateral. What’s in your box?

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