With the silly season approaching, things tend to follow suit in the office and standards can sometimes slightly slip. There’s Christmas parties, the last-minute gym grind for a summer body, the temperatures that make for a sticky work environment, and an ever-growing list of social events that can make it hard to focus entirely on work. But it’s important to keep consistent and use the end of the year as an opportunity to go out strong and do that little bit extra over your competitors (who are also probably falling into the November/December slump). You’re also likely to come back to work next year feeling good.

  1. Tie up loose ends

There’s nothing worse than coming back to work in the new year and having the niggles of previous work still lingering around. Instead of being able to start fresh with mental clarity, people who haven’t tied up loose ends will already be on the back foot. As irritating as it may be, and as easy as it is to procrastinate and say that you’ll deal with it in the new year – don’t do it. Your future self will thank you.

  1. Dress for success

Professional standards can often slip towards the end of the year. Whether you can’t be bothered, it’s too hot or you think that it won’t affect your image, just keep that shirt tucked in and keep putting in effort. While dressing well looks good and sends a message to your colleagues and customers, it also has mental advantages too. Research shows that the clothes you wear affect your mental and physical performance. You feel more powerful, you think of more profitable ideas, and your self-esteem is boosted when dressed in formal attire.

  1. Utilise day light savings

Gone are the days of arriving home from work in the dark where all you want to do is crawl into bed, watch Netflix and eat all the comfort foods (after all, Summers ages away right?). It’s time to make the most of the longer days and good weather to help you detach, feel good and be refreshed for the next working day. Whether it’s going for a sunset walk, playing a social sport, or simply sitting outside with a cold beverage – these things will be sure to put you in a better mental state to finish the year strong.

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