The world and life are fast paced today. So much so that you often don’t have time to consider rethinking your current thinking. And when you do the same thing day in day out, it’s hard to notice the need for change, or how beneficial it might be. But it’s scary. It’s looking into the dark unknown. It’s also time consuming and taxing, along with the ‘why fix something if it isn’t broken?’ type of thinking. But change is ultimately how you will grow. Through change, you will experience new opportunities, be able to challenge yourself, have the chance to be better, gain new perspectives and build new relationships.

How can you initiate change and seek out potential areas for business growth?

  1. Listen

Sometimes change can come from silence. If you take the time to shut up and really listen, you can be a better business. So, monitor your brand, what people are saying about you and most importantly – what your customers are saying. This can help you better understand their evolving problems.

  1. Reflect

In order to move forward, it’s important to look back. It can be incredibly painful looking back on things that went wrong or looking back on times you’d just rather forget. But this is where the past is most valuable. The saying “Life will keep giving you the same lessons until you learn them”, although cruel, can help us immensely in the future.

  1. Engage

Get out of your day to day routine and get out of the office. Rock the boat a bit by talking to and getting inside the minds of your staff and your competitors. Go to networking events, industry conferences and just look around.

  1. Be inspired

Opportunities and ideas can exist in everyone around you. Let your staff members share their thoughts, even ones that aren’t creative, because anyone can have an idea that can completely transform your business.

  1. Act

Put your ideas, reflection and findings into practice and act. Implement small changes every day and keep yourself accountable. Keep your staff motivated and updated on changes as well – the only thing worse than being stuck in the same cycle every day is having your whole team also stuck doing the same every day.

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