Drop the act. Stop putting on a false persona to please others, stop acting tough like you don’t have a family outside of work, and stop assuming people don’t care when you don’t follow up with them. A human touch seems to be lost these days, and it can have negative impacts on your business. Here are three ways you can stand out, be remembered and make a personable impression in the business world:

  1. Follow-through

Sending an email after someone has rejected your services, or they can’t give you what you want sounds foreign right? It’s almost unheard of, which is why it’s lifechanging when it’s actually done. Overdelivering and keeping an open line of communication – even in the face of rejection – can result in people coming back to you in the future and will ultimately have a positive effect on your reputation. Following through can also lead to opportunities and relationships. For example, if you take someone’s business card, sending them an email over the next few days to say it was nice to meet them and it would be good to stay in contact, is a simple but powerful way of generating communication.  

  1. Authenticity over ego

When you’re honest about who you are and remain true to yourself, people will relate to you much more. People see right through those who put on a fake front or morph themselves to be who they think others want to see. But being yourself and being genuine and sincere will allow others to be themselves, and in turn, trust will develop in the relationship – and trust is arguably one of the most important aspects in being successful in business.

  1. Let them in (share your private life)

In business, how often do you numbly switch off when being recited a package deal that will solve a problem or make them money? Or how often do you feel connected to and comfortable with a co-worker that you know nothing about? For humans, it’s all about connection. We all have families, a background, hobbies and struggles, so why not talk about them? You can’t expect people to feel comfortable with you if you don’t share anything yourself. Letting people in, sharing, and being transparent and vulnerable is valuable to your work life, and can also help you foster good relationships that go beyond the surface of the nine-to-five.

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