Everything has been said before when it comes to persuading prospective customers or clients in business. From “Save hundreds of dollars”“Don’t struggle any longer”, “It’s unbelievably lifechanging and scientifically proven”, to the classic “But wait, there’s more”, have quite frankly been overused and are now just straight up cheesy and off putting.

When you’re trying to be persuasive, your language needs to be fresh, thought-provoking, subtle and psychologically thought out to not only incite the best answers for feedback, but to also achieve the result of getting people to move into action for your business, product or service.

Here are five unique phrases that will persuade your key publics:

  1. “On a scale of 1-10, how close are you to making a decision, but you can’t say – a 7?”

The number seven is often a safe number that people revert to, and represents a polite “Let me think about it” opinion which in almost all cases just means no. When you take away the number seven as an option, you should be able to easily gauge whether people are into it or not, as they’ll usually give a six or eight.

  1. “How open are you to…?”

This is a clever way to tap into someone’s ego, making them think about how close or open-minded they are. Most people want to appear open and fearless, like a risk-taker, therefore they’ll most likely conform to what you’re wanting them to do. If they’re not…

  1. “What is stopping you from moving forward?”

Knowing why someone is not sold on you or willing to do something is important to understand going forward for your business. This can help you improve your services, as well as making them feel like they’re personally not progressing.

  1. “As a respected leader in your industry, you know the importance ofX

This opening statement highlights the expertise and credentials of an individual, making them feel good while intertwining it in with what you’re about to tell them.

  1. “Businesses that put offX, are losing customers rapidly”

This can create a sense of urgency for people, causing them to feel the need to act quickly on what you’re telling them. It is a thought-provoking way to instil an idea or attitude in someone’s mind.

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